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What is Hypertufa?

Old stone sinks and animal troughs were used to grow plants for many years (typically in England). Now they are scarce and very expensive. Today stone and concrete like planters can be made from hypertufa.

Hypertufa is an artificial material with absorbent properties similar to tufa rock. It is lighter than regular concrete, and is usually not damaged by freezing after it is completely cured.

Hypertufa planters are a wonderful way to bring the look of stone and weathered containers into your garden without the weight of stone or concrete.

Hypertufa planters are particularly well-suited for hardy cacti and succulents, but may also be planted with bonsai, herbs, and with violets, wax begonias and coleus for shadier locations.

If the planter is on a sheltered balcony it should not need a drainage hole in the bottom. If a planter is out in the open air, in this climate, it will need a drainage hole on the bottom.

If the planter has no drainage hole in the bottom, in this climate, in a heavy rain the planter will fill up with water, just like a bowl, and the plants will float (spill) out over the top.

Download a PDF on Hypertufa planter tips and how to make your own.